SEBO Automatic X HEPA Service Box 5827ER

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The SEBO HEPA service box 5827ER contains (8) Ultra Filter Bags , (1) Exhaust Filter , (1) HEPA Microfilter and (1) Sealing Strip. The 5827ER kit is used for the Automatic X series vacuum. This service box provides the highest level of filtration SEBO has to offer.

This Service Box Fits The Following Models

  • SEBO Automatic X1 
  • SEBO Automatic X4 9558AM
  • SEBO Automatic X4 9570AM 
  • SEBO Auotmatic X4 9577AM 
  • SEBO Automatic X4 9501AM 
  • SEBO Automatic X4 Pet 9559AM
  • SEBO Automatic X5 9587AM 
  • SEBO Automatic X5 9580AM