SEBO Airbelt K Series Exhaust Filter 6608ER

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Changing the Exhaust Filter on your K Series vacuum is simple. Remove the cover with the SEBO name inscribed on it at the top of your K series vacuum by lifting the catch. Pull the old filter out and replace it with the new one. Replace the lid, and you now have a clean exhaust filter.

This Filter Fits the Following Models

  • SEBO K1 Airbelt 
  • SEBO K1 Komfort 
  • SEBO K1 Pet 
  • SEBO K1 Eco 
  • SEBO K2 9679AM 
  • SEBO K2 9696AM 
  • SEBO K3 9687AM 
  • SEBO K3 9689AM 
  • SEBO K3 9688AM 
  • SEBO K3 90692AM